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A leading independent voice for aesthetic news and insight.

Aesthetic Report is a U.S.-based media company founded in 2020.

We strive to provide some of the most accurate, helpful, and up-to-date information about all things aesthetics, with a focus on cosmetic surgery and skincare.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, in the interest of the safety of our employees, Aesthetic Report adopted a fully remote, work-from-home business model.

Today, we are a fully virtual company, with professional writers employed in three countries. Revenue Sources

Reader trust is our most valuable asset. We can’t exist without you.

As a reader, you should understand how Aesthetic Report makes money in order to support its operations and publishing efforts.

Like the vast majority of online publishers and media outlets, we participate in ad-serving networks, such as Google AdSense, and/or other programmatic advertising platforms

Among other things, that means that neither our readers nor the subjects (surgeons, practices, products) that we write about have ever paid us for coverage. We do not accept such payments.

Instead, through use of simple coding, our website is set up to serve advertisements from a variety of sources.

While we strive to provide a positive and unobtrusive ad experience to our readers, we don’t directly control what advertisements our readers see, and the ads you see may not reflect the views of our writers or company.

Fact-Checking Policy

Although our articles and content do not provide or intend to provide any health or medical advice to patients or readers, we do take heed to the fact that our articles may form part of a patient’s research process in their search for a perfect plastic surgeon.

That means the accuracy of what we write is paramount.

To ensure what we put into print is as timely and accurate as possible, all of our writers are required to locate, read, and cite at least two primary information sources in each article.

To ensure technical accuracy, the shelves of our editorial offices contain the latest official publications in the aesthetics industry, including medical journals and books published by leading plastic surgeons.

Now with a fully remote workforce, weekly virtual conferences are another way we keep the team abreast of developments and the industry.

Ethics Policy

Our writers do not accept gifts or payments in exchange for print coverage of topics, surgeons, or products. Beyond deep and thorough research, we have no relationship with those companies, people, or products we write about.

When they write about a specific individual or product, our writers are required to dive deep and review information that is both positive and critical.

We do our best to remain objective by placing ourselves into the shoes of a potential patient, and presenting information from that vantage point.

As an extension of this policy, in the event that we do make claims that a plastic surgeon, practice, or product is “the best,” is “world-renowned,” or deserving of other accolades that could influence reader choices, it is our policy to clearly display the exact data from which we made this conclusion.

Corrections Policy

Though we take every effort to ensure the total accuracy of our content, errors may occur. Different users of a product or service may also have very different experiences while doing so. Our writing should reflect that.

We strongly encourage our readers to report anything they believe to be inaccurate, outdated, or misleading.

As new information is released in the industry’s journal’s, we also do our best to rapidly and proactively update previously published content.

Readers who have input or concerns about the accuracy of any of our articles are encouraged to contact us by e-mail at hello[at]

We appreciate it.

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